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What if humans can make worm holes - Electricity in House

How will the technology look like if the tool-making animal has a new tool - Wormhole.

- A wormhole can be made of any size
- Could connect any two places in space
- Unlimited life span

Today's topic - Energy transport in House

Obviously, there is no need for wires.
What if there is a charger plugged in the socket and it has one side of wormhole and another end is in your mobile. Wire comes out of the circuit of the charger goes into the wormhole and the wire exit directly on the battery of the phone.
(Why you need the battery? Because you may lose electricity at home, duh!)

Imagine you can do this for all the wire in the home! The battery never dies of your phone and laptop.
Cameras can be placed anywhere, no need for Wifi or Bluetooth, just connect to speakers directly through the wormhole!
You can finally roam around in the house while cooking on induction because there is no need to power it on the plug.
You can just hover it on drones because drones can get power from wormhole wires, finally a kitchen which can follow you around!

And oh drone (eyes are teary), so many things are suddenly possible! Everything can be moving around in your house. Just ask for it from the voice spy (Google home) and it will come flying to (tears of joy). And oh you can use that empty 3D space in your room, just leave decorative stuff and other things just floating around there on wormhole connected drones! Well flying things are just awesome, this deserves its own series

Now you can have an extremely dynamic house, with a tap of button EVERYTHING can just move around and take a shape as you want. Why? Just connect motors to everything and connect those motors wire to a central controller of your house through wormhole wires!

You can finally take that damn bulb off the wall and carry around with you like a fire torch on the place of carrying around a phone, like stone ages.
Or the bulb can just follow you on the drone.

Appliance in your houses will decrease because nothing needs to be fixed on walls. The drone can do the work of a fan and carry around light with you, so who's gonna fix electric things on the walls like stone ages.
In fact, your walls don't need to be fixed, they can move also! When you are done with the room it, everything will just move around and pack itself in the smallest 3D space, so the walls can move and make a room which you want to use much bigger. So now people will buy empty shells and room modules (that became sci-fi quickly).

Mosquitos can be zapped with precision automatically.

This article is an attempt to create some jokes while imagining the impossible. Once you make one non-feasible thing feasible, the bursts of possibilities are limitless and in fact funny.

I would love to hear your ideas, it will be so much fun! Please mail them on and don't bother giving very formal and polished mail just go saldfndfjlsjkdn


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